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Loren draining body oil 500ml

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Functional massage oil specific for the treatment of skin imperfections caused by water retention. Particularly rich in highly concentrated phytotherapeutic active ingredients, it has an important stimulating action on the microcirculation, with consequent oxygenation of the tissues and elimination of toxins and excess fluids that stagnate in the tissues. It allows a perfect fluidity to the manual movement, being particularly suitable as a support to the activity of the professional, in the execution of the chosen massage technique.

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Innovative Extra Draining Mud-Gel formula, compact and rich in functional substances, suitable for compresses and placement in draining and stimulating treatments, prevents and counteracts the epidermal imperfections of cellulite and water retention. Thanks to the particular consistency of the Mud-Gel, which maintains a perfect adherence to the skin, it facilitates the action of the various active ingredients contained in them.

Loren Neutral Massage Cream...
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Loren Neutral Massage Cream 500ml

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Neutral cream particularly suitable for the generic message. Thanks to its balanced formulation and high smoothness, it is the ideal product for general or sports massages. Enriched with Guarana extract and Caffeine, it has an important metabolism-stimulating and draining action. It leaves the skin smooth, soft, hydrated and, in synergy with the expert massage of the professional, helps to restore tone to relaxed tissues.

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