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100% natural massage oil. Indicated in the treatment of dry and sensitive skin, suffering from circulatory difficulties and/or prematurely aged. Thanks to the synergistic action of the components of grapeseed oil, the skin acquires hydration, protection, elasticity and tone. While chamomile exerts an important soothing and refreshing action, providing an immediate feeling of well-being and relief to the skin. It allows a perfect fluidity to the manual movement, thus being suitable for any massage technique.

Loren scented peach oil 100ml

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Nourishes dry, sensitive, aged, and cracked skin. Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Minerals and Essential Fatty Acids, it is a precious 100% natural aid for the specific treatment of dry and sensitive skin, damaged by sun, wind and cold or suffering from eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. The emollient, nourishing, regenerating and antioxidant properties of this oil prevent the skin from drying out by counteracting flaking, helping to smooth wrinkles, giving it elasticity and tone.

Loren scented coconut oil...
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Loren scented coconut oil 100ml

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Rich in antioxidant vitamins and essential fatty acids, it naturally protects and strengthens the skin by protecting it from external aggressions. Beta-carotene, in synergy with Vitamin E, stimulates the production of collagen, restoring elasticity to the skin and counteracting wrinkles and loss of tone. It counteracts bacterial, fungal and herpes infections, and is particularly effective in the cosmetic treatment of epidermal problems such as acne, eczema, rosacea, keratitis and psoriasis.

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