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A fragrance with a sweet but at the same time intense soul. Warm and emblematic, it immediately reveals a rich essence of Tobacco embellished with Spicy Notes. A spicy soul with a sweet heart of Tonka Beans, Tobacco Flowers, Vanilla and Cocoa. A natural and selective fragrance that gives inimitable emotions.


TOP NOTES: Tobacco Leaf, Spicy Notes

HEART NOTES: Tonka Beans, Tobacco Flower, Vanilla, Cocoa

BASE NOTES: Dried fruits, woody notes

Availability: 6 In Stock

Superbe Café is pure and aromatic concentrate of rose and coffee. The composition, warm and sensual, opens with sublime floral top notes that hit the nose from the first sniff. The heart, strong and decisive, contains the richness of the rose and the dynamic aroma of pure coffee beans. The base, made of amber, vanilla and white musk, gives the fragrance a structured and enveloping character.


TOP NOTES: Floral notes

HEART NOTES: Rose, Coffee

BASE NOTES: Amber, Vanilla, White Musk

Availability: 3 In Stock

Soul Sea is a fragrance that preserves the simple and pure soul of the sea. The composition opens with a clear sea breeze accord at the top, embellished with bergamot and lotus flower. The heart of seaweed, white flowers and pepper strikes the senses, dragging them into a sea vortex of clear freshness. The base notes of amber, cedarwood and seawoods give strength, imprinting the fragrance with the breath and natural energy of the sea.


TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Lotus Flower, Sea Breeze Accord

HEART NOTES: Seaweed, White Flowers, Pepper

BASE NOTES: Cedarwood, Marine Woods, Amber Accord

Availability: 7 In Stock

Soleil Désire is a fresh and pleasant caress in summer. The composition opens with citrus top notes of mandarin, bergamot and lemon, inebriating like a summer breeze. The sweet heart combines the delicacy of lily of the valley with the freshness of sage and pear sorbet. The base, made of ambrette, white musk and benzoin, closes the composition, giving it an enveloping structure.


TOP NOTES: Mandarin, Bergamot, Lemon

HEART NOTES: Lily of the Valley, Pear Sorbet, Sage

BASE NOTES: Ambrette, White Musk, Benzoin

Availability: 3 In Stock

Rubin Fumée is the pure sensuality of burning fire. The luxurious and evocative composition opens with a sensual head made of warm aromatic notes that combine with the woody strength of davana and the spicy warmth of nutmeg. The heart, smoky and rich, comes from the encounter between floral notes, incense and pungent patchouli. The base, enveloping and structured, sees an indissoluble bond between ambergris, tonka bean, musk and gourmand accords.


TOP NOTES: Aromatic Notes, Davana, Nutmeg

HEART NOTES: Floral Notes, Incense, Patchouli

BASE NOTES: Ambergris, Tonka Bean, Musk, Gourmand Accords

Availability: 1 In Stock

Royal Tiaré is a soft and intense exotic experience. The composition opens with top notes that see the sublime and unmistakable union of ylang-ylang and black pepper. The heart, floral and lively, contains the delicacy of lily of the valley and the richness of the rose, the strength of the carnation and the elegance of jasmine. The base of vanilla, white musk, amber and cedarwood brings harmony and freshness to this exotic fragrance.


TOP NOTES: Black Pepper, Ylang-ylang

HEART NOTES: Lily of the Valley, Rose, Jasmine, Carnation

BASE NOTES: Musk, Vanilla, Amber, Cedarwood

Availability: 4 In Stock

A seductive fragrance that crea the right harmony between the delicacy of the Rose and the enveloping energy of Musk. A fragrance dove the purest and finest roses are masterfully harmonized by delicate White Musk, and then have a seductive and sensual touch with notes of Amber and Jasmine. A tribute to delicate feminine elegance.


TOP NOTES: Rose Essence

HEART NOTES: Rose Absolute, Jasmine

BASE NOTES: Musk, Amber

Availability: 3 In Stock

The sweetness of Honey and the power of Oud come together to create a universal fragrance. The beating heart of Honey and Oud is enhanced by Ceylon Cinnamon. Patchouli blends with Vanilla, shaping itself into a cloud of irresistible sweetness. Finally, in the base notes, an unexpected surprise thanks to the wild and precious nuances of Amber and Leather.


TOP NOTES: Ceylon Cinnamon, Honey

HEART NOTES: Sumatran Patchouli, Floral Notes

BASE NOTES: Amber, Leather, Lao Oud, Vanilla, White Musk

Availability: 4 In Stock

Jardin Impérial is the crisp and lively lightness of Mediterranean gardens. The composition opens with top notes of Sicilian lemon and bergamot that enliven the sweetness of the orange. The heart notes, structured on the flavors of Mediterranean fruits, are an explosion of lightness that praises the lively character of citrus fruits. The base notes of vanilla, musk and amber give a warm and sweet balance to this lively and bright fragrance, just like a Mediterranean garden.


TOP NOTES: Orange, Bergamot, Sicilian Lemon

HEART NOTES: Fruits of the Mediterranean

BASE NOTES: Musk, Vanilla, Amber

Availability: 5 In Stock

The result of a journey to the East; A deep, intense fragrance that is at the same time soft and hypnotic. The dark notes of Coffee, Oud, Tobacco and Cannabis elicit a feeling of sensory satisfaction. Those who choose to wear this fragrance are independent and strong souls.


TOP NOTES: Cannabis, Green notes

HEART NOTES: Resin, Woody notes, Coffee, Tobacco

BASE NOTES: Incense, Oud

Availability: 3 In Stock

Gotique Island is the vibrant breath of the pulsating earth.

The composition, joyful and seductive, opens with a head made of lively fruity notes, ready to enclose the breath of the earth and the fruits it gives.

The powerful heart sees orange blossoms kissed by enigmatic and rich sunny notes.

The base, in which musk and cashmere meet the sweetness of vanilla and the intensity of patchouli, is voluptuous and captivating.


TOP NOTES: Fruity Notes

HEART NOTES: Orange Blossom, Sunny Notes

BASE NOTES: Musk, Cashmere, Vanilla, Patchouli

Availability: 9 In Stock

Délire Rouge is liquid poetry. An extremely luxurious and refined composition, with an intense and exciting, almost erotic aroma. The delicacy of Jasmine and the hardness of Saffron accentuate the creaminess, guaranteeing the fragrance a warm and gentle opening. The skin is gently caressed by amber and woody notes, which anticipate the veiled mystery with which the composition closes.


TOP NOTES: Sweet Orange, Saffron Flower, Jasmine

HEART NOTES: White Rose, Saffron, Amber Woods, Magnolia

BASE NOTES: Fir Resin, Precious Woods, Transparent Mosses

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